Demo Bikes/Rentals

How the program works

Need a road bike for the charity ride you're doing, or a mountain bike for that weekend trip? Are you just in town for business and want to see the sights by bicycle? Or, do you want to test ride the best bikes... before you buy?

Spin has a wide variety of bikes for you to use! Rates are based on daily use(24hrs), unless noted otherwise; discounted weekly rates are also available. If a demo/rental results in the sale of a new bicycle, you will have the entire rental charge applied as a credit towards your purchase.

Premium Road - $75

Ranging from $2000 - $5000, these workhorse bikes present a lot of value and performance.

Premium Mountain - $75

We know it's difficult to pick out a new mountain bike without riding it first, here's your chance.

Cruisers - $10/hr

Hybrids and comfort bikes, perfect for cruising around town or an afternoon on the Towpath Trail.

Specialized Carmel 04 available in mens and womens sizes

Kona and Specialized Jump Demos - FREE

Those fine folks over at Kona and Specialized were kind enough to supply us Clevelanders with some demos to be used over at Rays Indoor Mountain Bike Park. They are kept in our shop, because they get better care that way. Please don't abuse the privilege and remember, you are responible for any damages.

Specialized P3 (2) / Kona Stuff / Specialized P.20