You will notice a difference when you walk into Spin, and actually see the service department.  Most shops hide their service department in a backroom, basement or sometimes even off-site.  We feel a properly serviced bicycle can be the heart of your cycling experience.  So our service department and mechanics are not only visible to customers, but an integral part of the showroom.  We offer the most comprehensive repair check-in procedures in the industry, which allows us to offer faster turn-around times than other shops.  We guarantee 48 turn-around on most service and do A LOT of on the spot repair work.  Custom wheel and bicycle build services are some of our specialties, but we will also give you a fair assessment and service on your workhorse commuter.  Several of the guys are USCF certified pro race mechanics and we even have a full time machinist at our disposal for some custom modification.  Give us a try, your bike will thank you.

-John Mulryan, Service Manager


Labor Packages

Quick Tune $40.00

Adjust brakes and shifting (primarily barrel adjustments only)

Minor wheel truing, no removal from bike

Minor adjustments and/or tightening components

Safety inspection of all areas


Tune Up $70.00

Adjust all bearing areas as needed, no disassembly

Adjust brakes, resurface pads as needed, light lube of cables and pivots (hydro bleed ½ price if needed)

Adjust shifting, light lube of cables and pivots (hanger align ½ price if needed)

Wheel truing on truing stand (spoke replace ½ price if needed)

Lube chain, light cleaning

Safety inspection of all areas, check all components for proper tightening

All new parts installation ½ price

Complete Overhaul $200.00

Full disassembly

Chain, cassette/freewheel and drive side of crank set soaked in solvent bath

Clean, lubricate, and reassemble all areas

Installation of replacement parts as needed included

(Note: this service will commonly require additional purchase of consumable parts)



DRIVE TRAIN SOAK $50.00 ($40 w/package)

Remove chain, cassette/freewheel and drive side of crank set

Soak in solvent bath and clean thoroughly

Lubricate, reassemble and adjust shifting

(Note: this service may require additional purchase of chain connector)


DETAILING $25.00 ($20 w/package)

Thorough cleaning of all areas (no disassembly)

Wax and polishing



(Note: this service only available with Complete Overhaul, metal frames only)

Coat inside of frame (and fork if applicable) with Frame Saver rust inhibiting fluid