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Wednesday Night Ride

Spin’s Wednesday Night Ride

Our Wednesday Night Ride (WNR) has been a venue for road cyclists of all abilities to ride together for over fifteen years. From experienced racers looking for a solid training ride, to enthusiasts wanting a fun mid-week ride, to beginners looking to learn the pack skills necessary to progress in the discipline of road cycling. The goal of WNR is to provide a venue and a system that helps people learn, while encouraging them to progress.

To that end, we have always offered multiple groups of various speeds. The idea is that people work their way up and achieve their goals in the sport (whatever they may be). We have seen total beginners progress all the way up to becoming A Ride leaders and accomplished racers, and we are proud of what the WNR has achieved. Here are the rules, followed by the descriptions of the various groups – 

Ride Rules – 

  • Don’t drop down from a faster group then push the pace – Want to go fast? That’s what the faster groups are for. Do this and expect to get called out.
  • Respect The Ride Leaders – You may not know who they are, but it’s probably the person telling you what to do.
  • Follow The Law – Don’t run red lights. Don’t blatantly jump stop signs. You’re representing more than just yourself out there. Be a good ambassador for the sport.
  • If your group is too big, split it –  More than eighteen (18) people? Use good sense and split it up. Annoint a leader for each group.
  • Bring A Blinkie (front and back) – We often finish close to dark. It’s the law, and good sense.
  • Be Cool – Motorists may not always be, but road rage is lame. Don’t be lame.
  • Don’t Be A Jerk – Follow this rule and everything will work out fine. It’s supposed to be fun; let’s keep it that way!

Group Descriptions –

A Ride – 6:10pm Depart

The WNR A-Ride has the reputation of being one of the fastest rides in the area. Populated by active racers and strong enthusiasts, this ride is challenging and at times cut-throat. This is a drop ride and while the group waits for mechanicals and flats, there is no waiting for weakness. Being comfortable at close quarters and group ride etiquette are assumed skills.

Speed Limit: None (ride sometimes hits 30mph on the flats and cruises in the mid to high 20s)

Drop Ride: Yes

Attacks: Yes

Distance: 35-50 miles (depending on daylight)

B+ Ride (Killer Bees) – 6:12pm Depart

Still a drop ride, the “Killer B’s” act as a sweep for the A-Ride and frequently follow the same route. If you get dropped by the A’s no worries! The B+ ride will be along to pick you up! It’s fast, but it does have a speed limit observed on the flats (26mph). It is expected you are comfortable at close quarters and know group etiquette.

Speed Limit: 26mph on flat roads

Drop Ride: Yes

Attacks: No

Distance: 35-50 miles (depending on daylight)

B- Ride (Honey Bees) – 6:14pm Depart

A little slower than the first two rides, the Honey Bees are a place for people comfortable in a group to ride together and work together. This ride is NO DROP meaning they will regroup at certain points along the route NOT that they must wait for slower riders unable to keep up. You should understand group etiquette and have ridden in a pack before. Please don’t join this group and push the pace, that’s what the faster groups are for.

Speed Limit: 24mph on flats roads

Drop Ride: No

Attacks: No

Distance: 30-40 miles (depending on daylight)

C Ride – 6:16pm Depart

The C Ride is a place for people who are comfortable riding road bikes, but don’t have a ton of experience with a group. This is not a place for ego. If you need guidance, you will be given some. The C Ride is a springboard to becoming a better road rider, and often populated by experienced riders who just don’t want to throw down all the time. Please don’t join this group and push the pace, that’s what the faster groups are for.

Speed Limit: 22mph on the flats

Drop Ride: No

Attacks: No

Distance: 30-40 miles (depending on daylight)

D Ride – 6:20pm Depart

The D group is for the beginner, or the person looking to just chill and spin. On this ride you will learn basic group etiquette and build the pack skills you must have to participate in the other groups. If you get instruction, you better listen as it is for your own safety (and everyone else’s). If you’re too fast for this group no worries, but if you’ve never been on a group ride before we ask you to do it once or twice just so you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills you’ll need in the faster groups.

Speed Limit: 20mph on the flats

Drop Ride: No

Attacks: Absolutely not!

Distance: 20-35 miles (depending on daylight)

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